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We are engaged in
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more  to address the human
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the People of Pakistan

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At the Population Center Pakistan, we are dedicated to fostering a brighter future for every citizen. We firmly believe that the foundation of a prosperous nation lies in the well-being of its people.


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About PCP

We work on social sector development, on initiatives for improving maternal and child health, family planning, nutrition, sanitation, and safe drinking water. We especially focus on accessibility of these services for poor and marginalized populations who are disproportionately affected by the negative impact of high population growth on these sectors. The adverse impacts are exacerbated under calamitic conditions such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Publications & Resources

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Additional Funding for Family Planning

We need to spend more on family planning services to fulfill the unmet need. Its a win-win proposition: spending more on family planning will mean spending less on reproductive health services and better health for mothers and children. Pakistan must take up this opportunity if we are to achieve sustainable population growth levels.

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Voucher for Rights-based, Voluntry Family Planning

The international evidence shows that vouchers can play a critical role in improving access of poor and marginalized women to family planning and reproductive health services, of which they are generally deprived. By recognizing their right to these services, the voucher schemes enable the women and their husbands to take important decisions regarding the size of their family and spacing of children.

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The case of engaging family Physician & for-profit Private Sector

The government cannot do it all alone, and every section of the society must play their role in bringing down population growth to sustainable levels_ This is the key message of the measures approved by the Council of Common Interests in promoting family planning This paper examines how the services of Family Physicians and for-profit private sector could be engaged towards this end.

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